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Teaching and Childcare - Malawi​

Malawi, a beautiful country, but one with an almost non-existent preschool system, meaning children under the age of 6 years old have very little access to any education. While there are several private nursery schools throughout the country, most are located in large towns or cities, though even without taking proximity into account, most parents can’t afford the fees. To assist with this gap in the educational system, some rural communities have set up play-groups, run by local volunteers to provide children with basic care and education.
Unfortunately, in most cases, the local volunteers are under qualified, the groups understaffed, and the availability of resources is very low. As lessons at Primary School level are taught in English children must start learning how to speak the language from a young age to give them the right tools for school. With the help of sponsors the schools can be provided with extra hands in the classroom, resources and access to educational programs to better prepare the children for their future.


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