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Projects SAVE Supports

SAVE Foundation assists the development of a variety of projects across the southern part of the continent. We categorise these into four sections; Humanitarian, Medical, Wildlife and Conservation.


Our Humanitarian projects focus on the human race with no set race, economic status, health or age. The projects range from healthy eating programs, youth support, public speaking workshops, facilitation of educare centres and more. We have highlighted a few below.


Africa faces a multitude of different diseases and with infections rates at the highest in the world – the medical sector is stretched beyond measure. The projects that SAVE Foundation supports focus’ on accessibility to healthcare and providing it to those isolated members of society.


SAVE Foundation supports Wildlife centres in both Namibia and South Africa that act as safe havens for the animals. They focus on the protection and rehabilitation of wild animals. These are frequently members of The Big 5 that are at risk of poachers or canned hunting. 


The conservation of African land is fundamental to the survival of the native wildlife that inhabits it. The projects we support teach of its importance and aim to educate locals, as well as travellers, on the different signs of poaching and other dangers it faces.

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