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As a registered non-profit organisation, SAVE Foundation’s main objective is to enhance, train and empower various communities across Africa while striving to preserve conservation areas and rehabilitate wildlife.¬†Founded in 2006, SAVE Foundation has grown out of South African and into Uganda, Namibia and Malawi, supporting over 30 projects. These projects vary from conservation development to sustainable community outreach projects.

Whilst developing the flagship projects in Cape Town, SAVE Foundation discovered that the lack of funding, resources and skill that was available within the communities, meant that they were unable to provide effective education within the educare centres. With this in mind, SAVE started to support the different centres and began implementing teacher training and providing multiple types of resources to the children.¬†Malnutrition and poor health can impact a child’s development, this is a well-known fact but also, as SAVE discovered, a frequent occurrence within the disadvantaged communities. Due to this SAVE has assisted with the planting and maintenance of 7 vegetable gardens, providing homegrown food to 5 soup kitchens. The Educare Centres that are supported have been able to provide 2 hot meals to the children during the week, this is serving over 1000 disadvantaged youth.¬†Africa is home to a vast variety of wildlife and some of the most endangered species in the world. SAVE supports many wildlife conservationists who are working hard to rehabilitate animals back into the wild as well as create a safe environment for those who are unable to return.

Christmas 2020

For children who do not have much, you have the power to make their Christmas unforgettable – with just the cost of a coffee.

Current Fundraisers

Coronavirus Relief

Throughout normal operations, SAVE helps to provides two hot meals a day to approximately 700 children. These are now 700 children who will not be receiving these meals. We are working to explore all options in getting food parcels to families and ensuring that they are kept on nutritious meals.

Coronavirus Relief

During the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation means hunger to those who have nothing. Without a balanced meal, immune systems will shut down. This puts everyone at risk of obtaining and spreading the virus. Sunshine Educare is delivering nutritious meals to 1000s of families a week.

International Police Association COVID-19 Support

The IPA is composed of both serving and retired officers from various police services worldwide.
We are supporting those officers affected by this pandemic with condolence parcels, decontamination of houses and emotional support/counselling to loved ones.

Pre-Schools Built & Started
Children taught computer literacy‚Äč
Children taught to swim
Children taught to surf
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