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Christmas for the kids 2020

It is no shock that Christmas will look different for everyone this year. Our teachers and staff have been working hard to keep things as normal as possible for the children attending the Educares in Dunoon. For the children, it has been a confusing time experiencing sudden overnight change and going from what they knew; to people wearing masks or face shields, staying distant from each other and not having any volunteers in their school.

Each year we heavily rely on our volunteers to help us fundraise for, as well as pack & hand out gift packets to each of the hundreds of children. This year we believe that giving the children the Christmas that they have come to look forward to is an important mission to remind them that they are loved, cherished, and have not been forgotten about. If anything, the unsteady and difficult year we have had is more validation to celebrate getting through many challenges and be reminded of all the good that we have.

So what now?

We have adapted our typical gift packets and the costing of each gift to fit with the current situation around the globe.

Each child has been asked to choose two things that they would like to receive for Christmas. We have put these lists together and are inviting you to shop online from their wish lists.

How do I get involved?

When you visit the site, you will see each child, their name, age and their wish list. You can then select which item you wish to buy them by specifying this when checking out, donate the money, and we will purchase that gift on your behalf to deliver it to them in December. Each gift item is priced between €5 and €6

Alternatively, you can buy a gift on behalf of someone else and receive a gift card to share with them.

For children who do not have much, you have the power to make their Christmas unforgettable – with just the cost of a coffee.

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