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Medical Placement - Namibia

SAVE’s Namibian medical project is situated in Epukiro, in the remote eastern region of Omaheke. The clinic provides high-quality health care to the local San community, almost 3,500 patients every year. Of these, 40% are children and babies, and more than 90% are San. As well as provide primary care, they also transport patients to the hospital 12km away; without this service, typically the local people wouldn’t go and remain untreated.
Research has shown that the San have a 15 times higher chance of catching TB than other tribes nearby. Due to the lack of access to healthcare, this often goes undiagnosed and therefore; untreated.
The aim is to increase the area of reach and be able to address the spread of TB more proactively. The clinic is quite literally a lifeline for thousands of San Bushman and consists of a clinic manager, one nurse, one receptionist, and four translators. They are in desperate need of resources, funding and above all else, more staff as they are the lifeblood of the Clinic.


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