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SAVE Foundation supports 30 projects across 4 countries. These are profoundly reliant on financial donations and donations in kind to continue working towards their mission.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left those most vulnerable at the most risk. Social distancing and lockdown has meant that many families that would struggle under normal circumstances are destitute and desperate for assistance. Something as simple as going to work is not that simple any more. With schools being closed it has meant that many parents, especially in the most common – single parent families, have had to make the tough 

decision of leaving their children unattended so that they can go to work, or staying at home to look after their children but having no income to feed, clothe or support their dependents. 

In March, SAVE launched our COVID-19 Relief program supporting communities that have been hit hardest during these uncertain times as well as another local NPO’s Coronavirus Relief feeding project. To date, SAVE Foundation has supported over 700 families with sanitation and food parcels as well as feeding almost 1000 families daily with our feeding program and support of other like-minded organisations. Our next goal, being able to assist families in need of home decontamination due to having had the Corona virus in their houses. As this process is very efficient but out of budget for these families, we are calling on anyone who would like to sponsor this initiative powered by CICS Ltd.

It is our aim to provide support where-ever we can, bridging the gap between those who want to help with those who so desperately need that help.

Our Efforts So Far

With the generous donations received, SAVE has been able to deliver food parcels and sanitation packs to almost 800 families in multiple different communities across the Western Cape. These families would otherwise be unable to provide this for their family due to the inability to work during lockdown.

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