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SAVE Foundation’s TED-Ed Clubs are extracurricular clubs which encourage students to stand up and have their voices heard. It offers students a chance to explore topics they’re passionate about, to convert their thoughts into a speech and to then perform it to a live audience. Club members are provided with the materials, tailored to each student’s individual needs, as well as the advice and mentoring they need to succeed.

The club members not only improve their research skills and English comprehension but also their public speaking capabilities. They also learn stress and time management skills, which are vital to their future successes in educational and professional prospects. The club members are given the opportunity to connect with other members of TED-Ed Clubs around the world and to see the global impact of their ideas.

Why TED-Ed Clubs?

The skills and course material covered during the club cycle is not covered in government school curriculums and the students who do not go to school do not receive any training in these skills. Public speaking, interview skills, and English comprehension are all important skills needed to succeed in the working world. So by teaching these to the students through fun and interesting ways, TED-Ed Clubs are allowing students to further succeed in the working world.

TED-Ed clubs represent thousands of students from around the world actively pursuing and presenting their great ideas and stories. As part of this global network, the club members have the opportunity to connect with clubs around the world or with local organizations, broadening their circle of opportunities.



Date: 30th November

Time: 17.30 – 12.00

Location: The Markethall, Grand West Casino

What is the Gala Event?

The club members have been working hard since March through the club curriculum, now that they have written their talks about ‘a story that only they can tell’, we are hosting an event to celebrate their successes. The theme of the evening is ‘Our Lives, Our Future”. This was chosen as throughout the club cycle a continuous theme has been occurring – change. All club members have the drive to create change and some are even acting upon it already. So to continue empowering and encouraging the youth to have their voices heard, the event will be surrounding the theme.

Who are the guest speakers? 

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Russel Fox – His performance ‘Magician Insane’; is internationally acclaimed as the master in the art of magic, illusion, perception, and mentalism. Russell performs nationally as well as internationally and has performed to many celebrities including the Prince Of Saudi Arabia. He is identified as Africa’s most inspirational, influential and insane magician, mentalist, and illusionist.

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Sihle Tshabalala – As well as being the co-founder and CEO of ‘Quirky 30’ NPC and Quirky Innovations – Sihle is an ex-offender.During his time in prison, he became a key member of the Group of Hope programme where he decided to spend his life helping others. Since leaving prison, he has become a key voice in his community by helping teach high school dropouts, teenage moms, unemployed youth, ex-offenders, and offenders.

Do you have an MC?


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.34.59Jeanne Michel – You may know her as the runner-up of Survivor South Africa: Philippines but we know her best as one of our trusted board members. When she’s not Castaway, you’ll find her producing the Cape’s biggest radio breakfast show: Kfm mornings. Her side hustles include podcast producing, voice-overs and being event MC’s.

Will there be performances?

During the evening there will be 5 selected club members delivering their talks, a variety of entertainment, a performance from Russel Fox, an inspirational talk from Sihle Tshabalala as well as a three-course meal tailored to everyone’s taste.

Why should you get tickets?

This is a perfect event as an end of year function for companies to enjoy, while still supporting a good cause. It is suitable for people and children of all ages, and families are welcome.

As the event is hosted by SAVE Foundation TED-Ed Clubs, your purchase will be tax exempt and we can provide you with that certification after proof of purchase.
Your ticket will sponsor one of our disadvantaged youth to attend the event and enjoy the evening alongside you!

Become a Club Leader

tedxyouth_tededcptBecome a Club Leader

Through SAVE Foundation, club leaders will receive training, ongoing mentorship and curriculum to guide their school’s club and to help inspire tomorrow’s TED speakers and community leaders. Our customised guided club curriculum aims to promote presentation and English literacy skills with a focus on building the student’s confidence and students are given the hands-on opportunity to work on the storytelling and communication skills that will be vital, no matter what career path they choose in the future.

What do you get from SAVE Foundation? 

• Translated enrollment and release forms 
• Tried and tested lesson plans 
• Translated TED-Ed course material 
• Guidelines and rules for the club 
• Mentorship throughout the club program cycle
• Fast tracking and enrollment of your club through TED-Ed clubs
• Approved club expense allowance from SAVE Foundation
• Sourcing of uniforms for the club members

What we require from the club 

• Completed application Form
• Club members between the ages of 13 – 17
• Clubs must be run in English
• Leaders are required to attend monthly feedback meetings with SAVE Foundation
• Ability to maintain club for a minimum of 2 years


Simply fill in the attached application form and we will be in contact to set up an interview.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply Now


Become a Sponsor

After the inspirational success of our first TED-Ed Club, we are now looking forward to a bigger 2018. In order to fund and sustain the clubs we rely on donations from people like you. This year we are running new and innovative ways that you can get involved!

Monthly donations

You can support the running costs of the clubs and ensure the club members have all the supplies and assistance they need to succeed, by signing up for a monthly sponsorship.

You will receive monthly email updates on how your money is being spent as well as information on the club’s progress.

Your donation will go towards: Transportation, stationary, sanitary items, food & drinks, exploration trips and club uniforms.

What’s the next step? Send us an email with how you want to get involved and we will send you the information and details you need to start your donation!

Sponsor a club member

You can choose between sponsoring a specific club member or you can be assigned one. You will be the only sponsor to provide the tools they need to be successful in the program. You will receive monthly email updates on how your money is being spent as well as updates on your club members progress.

Your donation will go towards: Transportation, stationary, sanitary items (if female), food & drinks, exploration trips and club uniform.

What’s the next step? Send us an email with how you want to get involved and we will send you the information and details you need to start your donation!

Host a fundraiser

With SAVE TED-Ed Clubs you can receive all the tools and assistance you need to host exciting and unique fundraising events back in your home country!

Share the message of SAVE Foundation within your community, whilst raising money for our TED-Ed Clubs.

Some of our fundraising packages include: Curry and Quiz nights, Bingo, Coffee mornings, Bake off, Food tasting, Auctions and many more.

What’s the next step? Send us an email with how you want to get involved and we will send you the information and details you need to start your donation!

A day of...

Spend a day doing something out of the ordinary, try something new, or experience something really fun–all while raising money for SAVE Foundation!

You can download one of our sponsorship forms and collect sponsorship from friends and family to take part in different activities.

Some of our suggested sponsored activities: Skydive/bungee jump, Sponsored silence, A day with no shoes, PJ’s to work, 10km walk and many more.

What’s the next step? Send us an email with how you want to get involved and we will send you the information and details you need to start your donation!


Corporate Social Investment

Following the inspirational success of our pilot TED-Ed club program based in Cape Town; SAVE Foundation has launched a nationwide search for sponsorship and donations to support our Youth Leadership Club Program for 2018 and 2019.

We are looking for sponsorship in order to fund club T-shirts, printing of club materials and ensuring that all members have free access to this life changing opportunity.

In exchange for your support your organisation will be responsible for the sustainability of our clubs across South Africa. Your organisation will be promoted through our social media and advertising campaigns, including branding on our club T-shirts.

Furthermore, we invite you to include TED-Ed and SAVE Foundation branding in your own campaigns. SAVE Foundation will advise you on how to translate your sponsorship into a favorable BEE points.

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Download Sponsorship Document