Our Projects

Community & Livelihood Project

Successfully operating in 5 different countries, this project is aimed at creating flourishing and self-sufficient communities in otherwise impoverished areas. SAVE works alongside local builders and engages the children in educational activities.

Sports Development Project

The goal is to promote physical activity as a positive outlet for the children’s energy, as well as build self confidence in conquering a new skill. We believe that this will help to steer these youth away from negative influences within their communities.

Computer Literacy Project

In 2015 we taught computer skills to over 1200 children in rural Wild Coast Schools in South Africa in hopes to enable these children to build a better future for themselves with these valuable skills.

Adventure Surf Club Project

This project has taught over 300 children how to swim and over 80 how to surf. We have also had 8 children obtain top 3 positions in local and provincial trials and an award-winning documentary filmed about one of our surf kids.

Disabled School Assistance Project

This centre provides all-day care for children with special needs & is the only one of its kind in the surrounding area. SAVE has begun construction on a new school, specially designed to contribute to healthy childhood development and learning.

 Skills Development Project

This project promotes self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial skills among the adults in impoverished areas. Groups work in an apprenticeship forum to learn various building techniques with “upcycled” materials.

Skate Club Project

Under the umbrella of Sports Development, this project is used as an incentive and confidence-building program for children in local townships. Opportunities are also available for apprenticeships and further involvement in the sport industry.

Kitesurfing Outreach Project

This is an incentive program for children to do well at school and home. The youth are first taught to swim by the volunteers, and later receive kitesurfing lessons from the volunteer and a professional kitesurfing instructor.

Settlement Project 

The main objective of this initiative is the facilitation of poverty prevention programs in the settlements; we aim to help create self-sufficient communities. We do this through education, skills development, and subsistence farming programs.

School & Educare Project

10 Schools and 1562 children across Africa are positively impacted by this project, 781 of which are fed nutritious meals at school. We partner with locally-run schools in disadvantaged communities to help identify their needs and achieve their goals.

Medical Placement

SAVE operates placements in Dangme East District Hospital to help ensure that the surrounding community is able to achieve the most important requisite for a happy life; good health.

Hartees Animal Sanctuaries Project

Located in the area of Hartbeespoort; a place that is rich in cultural and historical value. Here, SAVE works with wild, rescued and rehabilitated animals to improve their living and environmental conditions.

Hartees Animal & Children Combo

Also located in Hartbeespoort, this program involves both the wildlife and local community. SAVE assists animals and contributes to the improvement of educational standards in this area.

Shark Conservation Project

This exciting project is situated in Gansbaai – the shark cage diving capital of the world – and is about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town. SAVE works closely with biologists from our research team on the shark cage diving vessel.

Pre-Vet Project

This course provides a theoretical and hands on approach to learning about African Wildlife, agricultural livestock, and domestic animals. We provide veterinary care and develop skills for individuals to better the future of animal assistance in Africa.

WildCat Kimberley

The Kimberley farm is home to an abundance of big and small African cats, such as, lions and African wild cats. We assist with cats that are not able to be released back into the wild, as well as animals who were abandoned, injured, & traumatized.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a safe haven for over 340 orphaned or injured animals. Animals that we assist include elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, the spotted hyena, white lions, and hippos, as well as other free range game.

Big 5 Wild

Experience what it’s like to live and work in the African bush while learning about the conservation of South African wildlife. This project allows volunteers to become part of a research and monitoring team on a game reserve.