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Big 5 Wild Project - South Africa‚Äč

Located in the famous Kruger National park near Johannesburg, South Africa, the focus of this project revolves around the primary species in African wildlife conservation; Elephants, Lions, Hyenas and Leopards. The project linked with breeding initiatives comprising of Buffalo, Livingston Eland and Nyala to support the preservation of the species.
A large part of the conservation focus is on habitats and the integral role they play in the monitoring process.
The reserve is a vast nature reserve, home to the Big Five and many more, spanning over an area of 25,000 hectares and sitting in the Lowveld area, the home of nature conservation in South Africa.
The qualified rangers conduct the monitoring of the animals by foot, truck or from hides at the waterhole. They do this twice a day; early morning and in the afternoon. These times coincide with the increased activity of the specific animals that are being monitored. Here, the work is vital for accurate management of the animals within the reserve. The data collected is also made available to students and researchers that they host, as well as several national conservation projects, including the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT).


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